Asset management

Asset management for private persons and legal entities

Commission fee


Fixed commission (management fee) 1


Portfolio management 2, if the Investment policy 3 provides for investments into shares up to and including 10% of total assets

0.75% per year

Portfolio management, if the Investment policy provides for investments into shares more than 10% of total assets

1.00% per year

Commission on a profit (performance fee) 4


For the managed capital gains

By agreement

For the investment portfolio preparation

Free of charge

Statements and certificates 5


Standard  statement

Free of charge

Nonstandard  statement 6

8.00 EUR

Fiduciary transactions

Fiduciary transactions for private persons and legal entities

Commission fee


Free of charge

Trust account opening

Free of charge

Transaction evaluation and documents preparation

By agreement

Trust management

By agreement

1  Commission fee for assets management is calculated from the average value of assets during the period, the number of days in the period and a 360 days basis.

2 Customer’s funds and financial instruments, including revenue from financial instruments and/or their management, placed on trust account with AS IBS „Renesource Capital”.

3 The conditions of customer’s portfolio management which AS IBS „Renesource Capital” is obliged to comply with while performing the customer’s assets management.  The conditions contain the information about the financial instruments in which AS IBS „Renesource Capital” has a right to invest to: namely, description of the financial instruments, investment regions and sectors, terms, limits and additional investment amounts (if they are provided for), as well as the minimum investment amounts and other conditions.

4 Renumeration fee for the customer’s assets gains is calculated as the difference between assets values at the beginning and the end of the period (corrected by the value of cash flows) multiplied by the rate of remuneration. AS IBS “Renesource Capital” may apply a benchmark indicator to determine the performance fee. For example, such indicator may be the fixed or floating interest rate (Euribor, Libor). If a benchmark indicator is not specified in the Contract, then it is equal to.

5 Statement of the assets value is available by email or at Renesource Capital office.

6 Nonstandard Customer report allows the possibility to receive the detailed statement in a different, containing the financial instruments investment services that were provided by the Company. Within a scope of investment services, the Company provides the special customized statement, developed according to the detailed listing of the Customer’s individual requests and wishes.

Risk Disclosure Statement. Margin transactions (Forex, contracts for difference CFD, futures and futures options, stock options, REPO transactions, transactions in over-the-counter derivatives and transactions using broker credit, including selling short) involve higher risk. The level of risk increases with the leverage ratio. As the result of margin transactions, relatively high profits are possible with low level of initial investments, as well as significant losses which may exceed the principal amount of investments or the amount of the collateral. Please ascertain whether margin transactions in their essence and content suit the risk profile that was assigned to you by AS IBS Renesource Capital and whether the content of margin transactions corresponds to your investment goals.

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