Upcoming Daylight Saving Time Clock Changes

Dear clients!

The EU and Latvian time clock changes will take place on Sunday, 29th March, 2020). When local standard time (Riga (LV)) is about to reach Sunday, 29th March 2020, 03:00:00 clocks will be turned forward 1 hour to 04:00:00 local daylight time instead- Riga time is 2 hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time.

Please consider above mentioned when planning your trading operation.

Yours faithfully,
Renesource Capital


Risk Disclosure Statement. Margin transactions (Forex, contracts for difference CFD, futures and futures options, stock options, REPO transactions, transactions in over-the-counter derivatives and transactions using broker credit, including selling short) involve higher risk. The level of risk increases with the leverage ratio. As the result of margin transactions, relatively high profits are possible with low level of initial investments, as well as significant losses which may exceed the principal amount of investments or the amount of the collateral. Please ascertain whether margin transactions in their essence and content suit the risk profile that was assigned to you by AS IBS Renesource Capital and whether the content of margin transactions corresponds to your investment goals.

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