Brokerage services

For clients who prefer to make their own decisions to buy or sell financial instruments, to create personal investment portfolios and to be free in their choice of  rading strategies. We provide access to the all-major financial and capital markets and low cost trading terms and solutions, which ensures comfortable trading using electronic platforms or broker assisted voice trading.

Renesource Capital is a full service multi – asset brokerage company with a 15 years corporate history and extensive experience in the international financial and capital markets, offering wide range of custody, clearing and brokerage services into all major investment markets. Our 24 – hour trading desk supports client trading through all time zones in all markets.

Our global brokerage desk offers wide range of asset classes, market coverage, direct market access and specialized execution services through our global counterparty network. Our dynamic, transparent, highly personalized approach, experience and innovative broking philosophy results in highest standard execution and customer service.

Renesource Capital operates an agency model of execution thus eliminating any inherent conflict of interest that exists in the market-making model, offering more enhanced trading solutions to the clients.

Renesource Capital specializes in the execution, clearing and the settlement on a worlwide basis in:

FOREXforeign exchange & precious metals, tod, tom, spot, swap, forward, non-deliverable forward, unallocated gold BONDSgovernment, municipal and corporate bonds

stocks, ETFs and options
FUTURES & OPTIONSFutures contracts and options on futures financials, indices, commodities and agriculture products
CFD'scontracts for diferences on commodities, financials and indices as well as individual stocks OTC DERIVATIVESover-the-counter derivatives on commodities, financials (swaps, interest rate swaps, credit default swaps etc.)

Our advantages and benefits:

  • Fully independent agency brokerage;
  • No conflict of interest;
  • No proprietary trading books;
  • Low cost, low latency trading;
  • Full market coverage (Europe, Emerging markets, US, Latin America, Asia, Asia pacific) – more than 80 markets can be accessed electronically;
  • Single point of entry to trade globally and access all key marketplaces;
  • Full service DMA, Algorithmic/Program Trading;
  • We do not compete with our Clients;
  • Well distributed client base of retail clients, corporates, asset managers and institutional clients;
  • Full risk management and reporting transparency.


Risk Disclosure Statement. Margin transactions (Forex, contracts for difference CFD, futures and futures options, stock options, REPO transactions, transactions in over-the-counter derivatives and transactions using broker credit, including selling short) involve higher risk. The level of risk increases with the leverage ratio. As the result of margin transactions, relatively high profits are possible with low level of initial investments, as well as significant losses which may exceed the principal amount of investments or the amount of the collateral. Please ascertain whether margin transactions in their essence and content suit the risk profile that was assigned to you by AS IBS Renesource Capital and whether the content of margin transactions corresponds to your investment goals.

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