Trading platform Integral


Renesource Capital, in cooperation with the largest international liquidity provider “Integral”, brings customers’ orders directly to ECN Exchanges. We are officially listed in TrueFX™ Brokers section on Integral’s website.

Integral has been nominated and recognized many times as the best FOREX platform and the absolute leader in the electronic trading.

Integral FX Inside ProfessionalTM algorithmically aggregates and ranks quotes from Renesource Capital LPs, giving its customers depth of liquidity and best price, which results in the best deal available in the market. Integral FX Inside Professional eliminates the need for viewing multiple FX applications on multiple screens by consolidating them into a single – user-friendly interface.

Customers of Renesource Capital can see a complete list of market makers with their associated price streams, giving them full visibility and transparency of the liquidity Renesource Capital provides them. Liquidity is consolidated and displayed with bad, stale and latent prices filtered out.


  • Direct Market Access (DMA);
  • Improved functionality: faster orders execution;
  • Aggregated flow of quotes from several liquidity providers;
  • The best execution: quotes aggregation ensures customer gets the best price according to the BEST BID / BEST ASK principle;
  • The ability to view market depth (Level 2);
  • More than 80 currency pairs;
  • Automated order execution without broker interference;
  • Trade on back spreads;
  • Intuitive, highly – configurable user interface;
  • STP (Straight – through processing) is available via RTNS, Traiana and Integral’s STP client;
  • Integral FX Grid low latency network increases the probability of executing orders reducing rejection rates from LPs due to delays;
  • Execution of large orders keeping confidentiality;
  • Sophisticated order management and powerful configuration options for ESP, RFS and undisclosed or displayed orders. Advanced reporting tools. Access to over 100 streaming currency pairs.
  • No trade restrictions: great choice for aggressive, large volume traders or scalpers.


Renesource Capital offers TrueFX (for FX Pro accounts) in cooperation with the leading forex liquidity aggregator, Integral, which consolidates interbank quotes from the world’s largest liquidity providers. This allows Renesource Capital to offer its customers forex trading with institutional spreads and interbank liquidity.

Take a look at theTrueFX Brokers list on the Integral website.

When opening a  FX Pro account , you can choose between Integral and MetaTrader 4 (Integral MT4 Bridge) trading platforms. Both platforms provide access to the TrueFX technologies with identical trading conditions. The only difference is the minimum deposit, which is 50000 USD for Integral Platform and 5000 USD for MetaTrader 4 platform.

Тrading conditions
  • Instruments: More than 60 currency pairs
  • Minimum deposit: 50'000 USD
  • Base account currencies: EUR, USD
  • Spreads: floating, from 0 pips
  • Leverage: 1:40
  • Minimum trade size: 0.1 lot (10000 units of the base currency)
  • Demo account: not available
  • To see the detailed trading conditions

Risk Disclosure Statement. Margin transactions (Forex, contracts for difference CFD, futures and futures options, stock options, REPO transactions, transactions in over-the-counter derivatives and transactions using broker credit, including selling short) involve higher risk. The level of risk increases with the leverage ratio. As the result of margin transactions, relatively high profits are possible with low level of initial investments, as well as significant losses which may exceed the principal amount of investments or the amount of the collateral. Please ascertain whether margin transactions in their essence and content suit the risk profile that was assigned to you by AS IBS Renesource Capital and whether the content of margin transactions corresponds to your investment goals.

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